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Located on the shores of St. Leonard, Maryland, immersed in the history and beginnings of modern day waterfowling, where waterfowl hunting and retrievers are much more than a passion or a weekend hobby but rather a “WAY OF LIFE”. Life at Island Creek Retrievers & Outfitters, LLC revolves around two things, working retrievers and waterfowl hunting. It is a lifestyle that we enjoy 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Island Creek Retrievers & Outfitters offers an unmatched level of professionalism, knowledge, and experience in training retrievers, hunting and fishing experience. The owner, Loch Weems, has 40 years of professional experience in the field and has spent his entire life living and working on the Chesapeake Bay.

For those looking for the ultimate in waterfowl hunting, join Island Creek Retrievers & Outfitters, LLC on a world class sea duck hunt. Enjoy yourself while shooting Old Squaws, Surf Scoters, Common Scoters, and White Winged Scoters, on the famous and historic Chesapeake Bay!

Contact Loch Weems at 410-474-0606 or lochjaws@netzero.net


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Enjoy the fising adventure of a lifetime aboard the Loch Jaw Contact Loch Weems at 410-474-0606 for fishing and cruise charters.